Poverty is the leading cause of hunger. Poor people become trapped in a cycle of poverty, often BECAUSE they are malnourished. When children are malnourished from an early age, their brains never fully develop, they aren't prepared to learn in school, and they lack the energy necessary to apply themselves. This leads to poor job prospects as adults...and they risk beginning the cycle again with their own children.

How to solve hunger? Solve poverty! The Six-Second Project invests in projects that generate income for the project recipients. Beyond giving away food (which isn't sustainable and doesn't solve the root problem of poverty), we help people earn incomes and we teach skills that lead to improved livelihoods. Some examples:

1) Skills training. Working with our partner, INMED Partnerships for Children, we invested in training programs for a farming co-op in rural Mubvumoni Village in Venda, South Africa. In this community, where rural farmers struggled to feed their children, we introduced composting, drip irrigation, water catchment, and a thriving egg and broiler production facility. The farmers were trained not only to improve their agricultural production efficiencies, but also to budget, appropriately price products, and save for future investments. The farmers now have a sustainable source of income from their farming ventures. In addition, they produce high quality animal proteins,  which have helped eliminate hunger among their children.

2) Egg and broiler production. We are raising funds to implement an egg production facility in rural Guatemala, in a community where more than 50% of children are chronically malnourished. The production facility will provide jobs and skills to the adults who operate it, and a weekly supply of eggs will be included in the worker's salaries so that they have nutritious food to feed their children. Our investment in a similar project in South Africa has resulted in a community of farmers who now produce broilers and eggs to feed their families and to sell in their community for extra income.

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