Eating just 3 eggs per week is all it takes to ensure a school-aged child is well-nourished. Compared to many other crops and livestock, eggs can be produced relatively quickly and affordably. That's why The Six-Second Project invests in egg production and business training for smallholder farmers and their families. Our greatest success story comes from the Venda region of South Africa, where we invested in a hen house, a stock of pullets, and the necessary production and business training for a group of smallholder farmers. After a few months, they were successfully selling eggs to the local community, and saved enough of their profits to invest in broiler production. The farm now produces eggs and chickens, and the farmers now have a steady and sustainable income. Most importantly, their (formerly malnourished) children have highly nutritious animal proteins to eat!

"We now have hope for a better future, which we didn't have before."

 ~ Wilson Mphaphuli, South African farmer and recipient of egg production training from The Six-Second Project


Photo: A farmer feeds chickens in Venda, South Africa



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