Why Partner With The Six-Second Project?

The Six-Second Project offers unique benefits to partners, such as:


People are hungry because they are poor. Our projects focus on long-term solutions that enable parents to earn a better income in order to better feed their children. We strive for sustainable programs that ensure income generation and self-sufficient food production so that hunger is truly abolished in communities where we work.


Our core values include ethical management, financial transparency, and the ability to account for every penny donated. We maintain a small, lean organizational structure so that overheads remain low. This means your donations will have the impact you intended -- reaching those who need it most.

Social Responsibility

Joining the global fight against child hunger and malnutrition reaps benefits not only for the children we help, but for your own organization. Such benefits include improved morale, employee satisfaction and retention, increased ability to recruit talent, and enhanced customer loyalty. Incorporate The Six-Second Project into your Social Responsibility efforts by becoming a partner today!

A Noble Cause

Children are our future. But hungry children don't do well in school, don't reach their full potential, and then struggle to find jobs when they grow up. As a result, they are likely to repeat the cycle of poverty and malnutrition for their own kids. Your investment in programs that help children live healthier lives, with well-nourished bodies and thriving minds is, perhaps, the most noble investment you can make.

Today’s Consumers Demand Socially Responsible Companies

86% of global consumers believe companies should place as much weight on society’s interests as they do on business interests¹

85% of U.S. consumers have a more positive image of companies that support a cause²

80% of U.S. consumers are likely to switch brands when a product is associated with a cause²

¹2010 Edelman goodpurpose Study  / ²2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study

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