Families that struggle to afford food for their families, will most certainly have trouble buying chicken feed to raise their own eggs. That's why we're working to develop home-made chicken feed from readily-available resources in the Amazon region of Colombia. Would you like to help?

YOU SHOP. AMAZON GIVES. Amazon will donate .5% of qualified purchases to The Six-Second Project when you shop at Smile.Amazon.com and choose "Six-Second Project" as your charity of choice!

Thank you to our newest corporate sponsor, Anthony's Pizza & Pasta! All 25 Anthony's stores are helping highlight our work by placing an informational card on every table. Now, how about some pizza and pasta for dinner tonight?! 

Modern Market joined forces with us in observance of World Food Day, donating 20% of sales to help fund a sustainable egg production project in Guatemala. Thank you, Modern Market! Please support our corporate sponsors.



Our experimental chicken coop is ready for testing in Colombia's Amazon region! Thanks, Leidyn and The PIER Institute! This home-sized coop will be part of kit to help families grow their own eggs, and better feed their children. Just 3 eggs per week can prevent malnutrition in a school-aged child. Next up...experimenting with home-grown chicken feed. Check back for updates. 



The Six-Second Project is featured in the latest volume of German food industry publication, FleischWirtschaft. Click the link and flip to page 44 to read the article, "Fighting Hunger is Good for Business." 

We're super excited about our latest project! We're working with The PIER Institute to research and develop an egg production kit for homes in the Amazon region near the border of Peru and Colombia. If individual households can learn to produce their own eggs...child malnutrition will be a thing of the past! Your donations support this R&D. 

MEATing POINT Magazine has joined forces with The Six-Second Project. For every new subscriber, the magazine will donate €/£6 to fight child hunger. For every ad purchase, the magazine will donate 3% of the ad price to our hunger-fighting programs. The current issue of the magazine also features The Six-Second Project on the cover. Read more here.

In honor of World Food Day, The Six-Second Project issued an urgent call-to-action, and we earned the cover of MEATing POINT Magazine! See pp. 18-19 for the full text of the article, "Amidst Complexities of Global Hunger, Animal Protein Industry Must Act."


The Six-Second Project has launched a new program, Farmers Without Fences, in rural Jamaica to provide technical assistance and business planning at agricultural training schools. Your donations will help train young farmers and ensure food security by helping us make sure these future farmers succeed.

Thanks to our newest Corporate Partner, Blue Rock! Blue Rock helped us raise awareness about child hunger & malnutrition at the recent MINExpo International in Las Vegas, Nevada! Contact Us to find out how you can become our next partner.

Blue Rock

The Six-Second was recently chosen an "Emma 25" honoree by the email marketing firm, Emma. We are proud and excited to receive a lifetime of free email marketing for our work helping low-income farmers better feed their families! Thanks, Emma! And congrats to our fellow winners!

Mark Your Calendars! World Egg Day is October 14 and World Food Day is October 16! We'll be raising awareness and funds, and are recruiting volunteers and corporate partners for these two important days! Please Contact Us for more details.

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