The Six-Second Projectâ„¢ is shouting to the world that millions of children starve to death each year, while millions more remain chronically malnourished. Founded after the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reported that a child died of hunger every 6 seconds, our name is inspired by this appalling statistic and by our desire to help change it. Although progress is being made, the FAO reported 3.1 million child deaths from hunger or hunger-related causes in 2014, and 165 million cases of chronic malnourishment among children.

OUR MISSION is two-fold:

  • To raise widespread awareness of child hunger and malnutrition through both grassroots efforts and corporate sponsorships
  • To find and fund sustainable hunger solutions. We help people grow their own food and create their own livelihoods. Our programs emphasize increasing food security, building economic self-sufficiency, and educating the next generation of smallholder farmers so that hunger is truly abolished in communities where we work.

Don't let another second pass! Join us today by donating, fundraising, and volunteering to shout along with us!

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