The Six-Second Project is a non-profit organization founded after the UN Food and Agriculture Organization reported in 2010 that a child died of hunger every six seconds. Our goal is to raise awareness about the millions of children who suffer chronic malnutrition (165 million as of 2014) and the millions more who succumb to hunger or hunger-related causes each year (3.1 million preventable child deaths in 2014).

Although progress is being made, this problem is still appalling, especially in a world where an estimated 30-40% of food goes to waste. The Six-Second Project is building an army of supporters to help us raise awareness, raise money, and create lasting solutions.


Photo: Six-Second Project founder, Jody Falletta Carman, with children in Mubvumoni Village, South Africa.

Project Goals

1. To raise awarenessWe raise awareness through grassroots efforts at schools, churches, community organizations, and on social media. We also work with food companies, restaurants, and retailers, whom we are specifically challenging to support this cause on a global scale. Because of the role animal proteins play in the diet, we are  developing key partnerships with the global meat industry to both raise awareness and delver meat and livestock-related solutions.  

2. To inspire action. We seek to inspire everyone who hears about the scourge of child hunger and malnutrition to take action donating; by volunteering to fundraise; by helping spread the word through schools, churches, community organizations, and social media; and by supporting our corporate sponsors.

3. To implement solutions. Most importantly, we go beyond giving food away. We invest in sustainable solutions to the hunger pandemic. Our programs focus on increasing food security, building economic sufficiency, and educating the next generation of smallholder farmers. 

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