We can't stop time.
We can stop hunger.

In 2010, the U.N. reported that a child died of hunger every six seconds. We decided to do something about it.


Latest News & Events

  • Read Our "World Food Day" Call-To-Action

    To coincide with the annual observance of World Food Day, The Six-Second Project has issued an urgent call-to-action that is featured on the cover of MEATing POINT Magazine. See pp. 18-19 for the full text of the article, "Amidst Complexities of Global Hunger, Animal Protein Industry Must Act."   

  • Thanks, Blue Rock!

    Thanks to our newest Corporate Partner, Blue Rock! Blue Rock helped us raise awareness about child hunger & malnutrition at the recent MINExpo International in Las Vegas, Nevada! Contact Us to find out how you can become our next partner.

  • Recruiting Volunteers & Sponsors!

    Mark Your Calendars! World Egg Day is October 14 and World Food Day is October 16! We'll be raising awareness and funds, and are recruiting volunteers and corporate partners for these two important days! Please Contact Us for more details.