We can't stop time.
We can stop hunger.

In 2010, the U.N. reported that a child died of hunger every six seconds. We decided to do something about it.


Latest News & Events

  • If You Can't Feed Your Family, How Can You Feed Your Chickens?

    Families that struggle to afford food for their families, will most certainly have trouble buying chicken feed to raise their own eggs. That's why we're working to develop home-made chicken feed from readily-available resources in the Amazon region of Colombia. Would you like to help?

  • Thanks, Anthony's Pizza

    Thank you to our newest corporate sponsor, Anthony's Pizza & Pasta! All 25 Anthony's stores are helping highlight our work by placing an informational card on every table. Now, how about some pizza and pasta for dinner tonight?! 

  • Prototype Coop is Ready!

    Our experimental chicken coop is ready for testing in Colombia's Amazon region! Thanks, Leidyn and The PIER Institute! This home-sized coop will be part of kit to help families grow their own eggs, and better feed their children. Just 3 eggs per week can prevent malnutrition in a school-aged child. Next up...experimenting with home-grown chicken feed. Check back for updates.